What’s “Lend me!”?pantalles-10

Lend me! Is an iOS & Android app (not available yet in Andriod) that implements Collaborative Consumption in your social network.

Create your own network of friends, look for what you need and lend what you’re asked for, if you want.
With a user-friendly interface and good design, it will be immediately familiar to you.

Why buy things you’re going to use just few times? Someone you know, have what you need and is going to be glad lending it to you!

Share anything you want, objects, knowledge, space and resources. Everything you want, you can share it!

What’s Collaborative Consumption?

Acording to wikipedia, the term Collaborative Consumption is used to describe an economic model based on sharing, swapping, bartering, trading or renting access to products as opposed to ownership.

Benefits of Collaborative Consumption:
– Reducing carbon foot print by sharing transportation and assets
– Saving costs by borrowing and recycling items
– Increasing happiness and contentment due to positive social interactions

In YouTube you’re going to find some videos about Collaborative Consumption


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